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Vibration Analyzer DA2 / 28KB FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLE:

Incremental inputs over time are the base signals for measurement and evaluation of torsional vibrations and static torsion.
Torsional vibration (angular displacement) is measured using a wide range of pickup types:
Incremental encoders, inductive pickups, optical or laser pickups.
Ten increments per order will give a high precision result.
Using this input signal the final results are produced. Phase linear programmable order tracking filters and signal processor algorithms guarantee a high quality reproduction of the different torsional vibrations (single channels and differences).

Further on this angular displacement signal may be converted to angular velocity or acceleration. The programmable analog outputs are useful to store the measurement as analog signal on tape. In parallel the signals are evaluated using a FFT algorithm resulting in a 128 point spectrum.
The used measurement cycle may be defined by either a trigger input or by a known number of increments per revolution.

Vibration Analyzer DA2 in serial connection / 24KB

The static torsion is defined by using two trigger input signals in parallel to the measurement inputs.
The final results (vibration, FFT, static angle) are output via the RS 232 interface and may be further evaluated using the WinVA software (shipped with the Vibration Analyzer DA2).

COMPLETE PACKAGE INCLUDING SOFTWARE WinVA: The software WinVA completes the system and guarantees a user friendly operation.
A software package for Windows NT/95 is a scope of supply of the Vibration Analyzer DA2. Additionally a serial cable for the RS 232 interface and a link cable for the operation of two DA2 (4 channel operation) is supplied.

WinVa software
/ channel setting / 75KB

The settings of the Vibration Analyzer DA2 may be interactive set up and stored. Measurement results may be online displayed, evaluated and stored in files.
A wide range of diagram types (waterfall, orbit, order tracking...) is available.


Modular design
Analysis in the range of 5 to 100’000 rpm
State of the art floating point DSP (digital signal processing) system
Manual or host controlled operation
User friendly operation using a PC
0scilloscope mode with DSP based functions on the Vibration Analyzer DA2
Windows software WinVA
Simultaneous output of analog and digital signals
Serial transmission rate of 115200 Baud
Wide range of pickups available
Portable device for at site applications
Uninterruptable power supply
Application specific tested by well known companies
AA8 (Analyzer for analog Signals) connectivity


Power supply: 110-240 VAC /12-24 VDC / 40 VA
Uninterruptable power supply with built in rechargeable batteries
Remote functions via RS 232 interface
Online operation including analog output without host available
Online oscilloscope mode with mathematical functions using the integrated graphics LCD
Transmission of digitized measurement results using the RS 232 interface
Evaluation and display of measurements using the WinVA software package for Windows NT/95
Networking of Vibration Analyzer devices (e.g. AA8/DA2, DA2/DA2 ..)


Two internal / one external trigger input with a programmable switching threshold of 0.1 to 5V. Programmable number of Trigger pulses per revolution
Two incremental input signals per device with power supply +15 V
Programmable number of increments (2 to 9999) or auto detect using trigger signal
Input voltage: Operating 0-15V (Max. 16V)
Input impedance: Programmable for NPN (2 kOhm) or PNP (1 kOhm) pickup types
Resolution: 33ns
High quality Fischer 103/5 plugs


Three analog outputs per device
Output of vibration angle, angular speed or acceleration based on degree or radiants
Programmable gain and output signal (differences)
Output voltage: 5V
Resolution: 12 Bit (2.5 mV)
Output of a non delayed trigger pulse with (5 V TTL)
Output of a synchronized trigger pulse for analog outputs (5 V TTL)


RS 232 interface for transmission of measurement data (115200 Baud)
RS 232.2/Link port for connecting Vibration Analyzer DA2 devices (240 Mbaud)


Vibration Analyzer DA2
Software package WinVA for Windows NT/95
RS 232 / link port cable


300*200*80 mm
5,1 kg

All specifications subject to change. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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