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WinVA Software for DA2 and AA8 / 28KB


The windows software completes the system and guarantees a user friendly operation.
A software package for Windows NT/95 is a scope of supply of the Vibration Analyzer DA2 as well as of the Analog signal Analyzer AA8. Additionally a serial CABLE for the RS 232 interface and a link cable for the operation of two DA2 resp. AA8 is supplied.

The settings of the Vibration Analyzer DA2 as well as of the Analog signal Analyzer AA8 may be interactive set up and stored. Measurement results may be online displayed, evaluated and stored in files.
A wide range of diagram types (waterfall, orbit, order tracking...) is available.

WinVA - Software - Example / 45KB

Templates for diagrams and pages may be stored for generating normalized output formats.
A ,,drag and drop" function enables the export of diagrams to third party software using the scaleable meta file format. Measurement data may also be exported using the ASCII output function.
A powerful trigger engine guarantees a data reduction in the measurement mode.
Measurement results of different channels may he combined using a wide range of mathematical functions. Integration and differentiation is also implemented.
Statistical values (as peak to peak, Synthesis, rms...) and averages a further useful functions of the WinVA software. An online help for software and hardware guides through all operations.

WinVA - Software - Example / 40KB

The WinVA Software may be operated without any hardware connected. This enables the transmission of measurement data to a different host (e.g. using a modem) for further evaluation.
The possibility of online measurement and creating reports of a different measurement file results in a high efficiency.

WinVA Windows Software Menu Description
Serial data transmission up to 115200 Baud Transmit settings on measurement start Saving measurement data in a binary file Online display with evaluation Adjustable measurement time
Pause function
Speed window Speed increasing Speed decreasing Constant speed Time based
Manual Sub trigger functions
Measurement file
Device settings Measurement time Speed range / number of measurements Gain correction for every Channel Offset correction for every channel
Multiple lines for descriptions Name for every channel Unit for every channel Definitions possible at any time
Save and restore of templates
2D Wave from Orbit Single spectrum Single spectrum with phase
Speed over time Orders over measurement cycle Orders over speed Orders over measurement cycle+phase Orders over speed+phase
3D Waterfall (Spectrum over speed) Waterfall (Spectrum over measurement cycle) Campbell
Display diagram
Up to four diagrams per page Data source: Online measurement or file Channel hopping while measurement Display of titles / statistics Zoom axis / data
Rotate / shift functions Filtering functions Scan functions User defined or automatic placements Store / restore of Single diagrams
Print of single pages Print of reports (several pages) Programmable header
Statistical information
Synthesis Peak to Peak DC offset
Min Max RMS
Averaging speed area Averaging number of measurement cycles Averaging number of measurement cycles / speed
Single / Double integration / Differentiation Subtraction Multiply Add Division
Amplitude (sqr(A*A+B*B)) Correlation Coherence Orbit FFT /Windowing
AC/DC function Gain correction Order tracking filter while measurement User defined functions
VA settings
Channel select and setup Adjustable order tracking filter settings per channel Trigger Analog output: Gain and channel selection Engine parameters (2/4stroke, turbines)
Unit selection (degree, radiant) Result selection (angle, speed, acceleration) Static torsion settings
“Drag and drop" as scaleable meta file ASCII export
Online help for WinVA Online hand book for Vibration Analyzer devices
Minimum system requirements
CPU 80486 / 100 MHz Windows 95 or NT / 16MB memory 40 MB available on hard disk RS232 / Mouse
Recommended system requirements
Pentium 166 MHz Windows NT / 32MB memory 100 MB available on hard disk RS232 / Mouse

All specifications subject to change. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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