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Vibration and Analog Signal Analyzer incl. Software WinVA
Vibration Analyzer DA2

Incremental inputs over time are the base signals for measurement and evaluation of torsional vibrations and static torsion.
Torsional vibration (angular displacement) is measured in the range of 5-100'000 rpm using a wide range of pickup types:
Incremental encoders, inductive pickups, optical or laser pickups.

Vibration Analyzer DA2 / 28KB
Analog Analyzer AA8

Any analog signals in the range of 10V are captured synchronous using up to eight (sixteen serial connection of two AA8) input channels.
The signals are sampled at the same time with a resolution of 16 bits (0.3 mV, 97 dB typical dynamic range). The sample rate is up to 48 kHz per channel regardless of the number of channels used. Combined digital and analog anti aliasing filters give a high quality phase reproduction.

Vibration Analyzer AA8 / 22KB
WinVA-Software for DA2 and AA8

The software package WinVA for Windows NT/95 is a scope of supply of the Vibration Analyzer DA2 as well as of the Analog Signal Analyzer AA8.

WinVA Software for DA2 and AA8 / 28KB
Vibration Monitoring 3000

The Vibration Monitoring System 3000 is a 2-channel online monitoring system for torsional vibrations.

2-channel online monitioring system / 28KB

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